PART OF Summer Grilling

Keep Your Cool: 38 No-Cook Dishes

Step away from the stove. You can un-cook the perfect summertime meal with these dinner-worthy salads, sandwiches and more.

Antipasto Wraps

"This is a great quick meal for busy nights or for the hot summertime when you don't want to fire up the stove!"

-Southern Bug


"This was so good!"


Green Chile Pimiento Cheese

"The Worcestershire sauce adds so much flavor to the cheese. This could be made into a cheese ball as well!"


Classic Tuna Salad

"This is the best tuna salad ever! I didn't want anything exotic, just restaurant-style tuna salad. It has depth and is well-rounded."


Caesar Salad

"I found the addition of both vinegars added a whole other dimension to the Caesar dressing!"


Crunchy Noodle Salad

"This recipe deserves way more than 5 stars! We went back to eat more after dinner and it was even better. I really do think this is one of the best salads I have ever had."

-Lili's, Rori's & Rainah's Meemaw

Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Salad

"This is a delicious, healthy and beautiful salad that takes only minutes to prepare. I look forward to the homegrown tomatoes and basil from my garden."

-Lori Shelton

Overnight Oatmeal

"This recipe is super easy to make and pretty darn tasty. I brought it with me on a camping trip in the cooler, and my buddies couldn't get enough of it!"


Strawberry Julius

"We have been devoted fans of this recipe for a long time. We love using frozen strawberries!"

-Maggie in Minnesota

Fruit Frozen Yogurt

"This was so easy and so good. During a heat wave I was craving frozen fruit. This totally hit the spot!"


Chickpea Salad with Cumin Vinaigrette

"OMG! This salad beats out every other chickpea salad I've ever had. I love that it's spicy!"


Refreshing Cannellini Bean Salad

"I used butter beans and the dressing gave them such a subtle but interesting flavor. This would make a perfect summer side salad for just about anything."

-Peter J

Artichoke Tapenade

"This is awesome! It makes a lot. I will also try tossing this with hot pasta and a little extra EVOO."

-Koechin (Chef)

Mexican Ceviche

"This recipe is worth 10 million stars. We are captivated! I served it on lettuce-lined plates and it was a perfect supper for us."


Cajun Guacamole

"An excellent twist on guacamole! Nice kick to this, and the celery salt really gives a stand out flavor."


Lemon Tiramisu

"Traditional tiramisu is my favorite dessert, but this was a lovely variation. I served this individually in martini glasses. So easy!"


Greek Salad

"I especially liked the addition of mint. It made it stand out from all the other Greek salads out there."


Perfect Picnic Sandwich: Pan Bagnat

"This was great! Pressing the sandwich is absolutely the key. This made a great light dinner and is definitely a keeper."


Easy Authentic Guacamole

"This recipe warranted a great review. Best guacamole ever! I've made it twice now, exactly how the directions stated and both times were delicious!"


Spicy Thai Cucumber Salad

"This is so addictive. I often make a big batch and eat it for lunch over a few days time. So good!"


Creamy Coleslaw

"I have been trying for years to make cole slaw like this. Creamy, sweet, with just a slight tang."

-Mark H.

Vegetarian Taco Salad

"No one told me how yummy and easy taco salad is! Wonderful dish that will be served often in the summer when it's too hot to cook!"

-Sam #3

Goi Cuon (Vietnamese Spring Rolls)

"These are the best! I could live off of these. They are extremely easy to make and very low in fat, too. I make them all the time now!"

-Monica P.

Crisp Watermelon Salad

"I like my watermelon plain with just a little sprinkle of salt, but this salad is amazing! I love the combination of flavors."


Chilled Cream of Cucumber Soup

"This was pulled together in five minutes and made for a very refreshing, soothing dinner!"


Amaretto Sour Cream Strawberries

"This was an excellent and easy dessert. Served it at a girls night out party and it was a hit!"

-Sam's Mom

Chloe's Spicy Pretzels

"So good and so easy! I spread mine on a cookie sheet to dry. They only took a few minutes and they were perfect!"


Chilled Beet and Pimento Pepper Soup

"Fabulous soup and so easy to make. Didn't have cr�me fraiche, so subbed with a thick and tangy Greek yogurt."


Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

"Fantastic. I ate half of them before they made it to the table."



"This is one of those recipes where the sum of the parts works so well that the whole is special. It's refreshingly light & perfect for a heartier than normal meal."


Kohlrabi Slaw

"Made this when I was given kohlrabi in a CSA. Didn't know what to do with it. This recipe is simple and helps get those veggies in!"


Black Bean Tuna Salad

"Yum! I love it when I can put together a meal without heating up the kitchen. Great concoction!"


Insalata Caprese

"Fantastico! This has become my signature salad. I can make a meal out of this!"

-Alan in SW Florida

Club Wraps

"Excellent wrap! I made this recipe for a dinner-on-the-go type of night and it worked so well."


Asian-Inspired Salad

"I loved this! The dressing tasted very similar to the dressing they use at our local Japanese restaurant."


Marinated Cheese Appetizer

"This recipe is incredible! I had at a party the other evening and couldn't stop eating it."

-Marg (CaymanDesigns)

Lebanese Salad

"This salad is outstanding. I served it at a dinner party tonight and every single person at a table asked for a second serving."


Apple Broccoli Salad

"Simple, good and healthy. I'm not big on heavy dressings, so this was perfect for me. Better when made ahead."